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The 1980s opened with a country music bang. The movie URBAN COWBOY starring Hollywood Star John Travolta, as well as many TV-series focused on the modern-day cowboy scene and it pushed the cowboy image and country music to the media fore and for awhile trend-setters across the States and Europe played country and dressed in blue jeans, hats and cowboy boots. Suddenly country music was a fashion accessory. In many European Cities Country Music Festivals popped out of the ground, sponsored by the Tobacco-, Bourbon- and US-Car-industry. Not all of the stars in Country hearken back to mainstream country and honky-tonk heroes, BUFFALO C. WAYNE is a singer whose early love of music by southern rockers like the Allman Brothers, Bob Seeger, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the Marshall Tucker Band - as well as that of Merle Haggard, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams Jr. to be sure - formed his musical identity.

Wayne was born Claude Paul Marie WEBER in „Patton Town“ Ettelbruck, Luxembourg, at a age eight got introduced to the American Way of Life and country music by G.I. - Soldiers and American friends, taught himself guitar and formed his first band at age fourteen. He was playing dance events throughout Luxembourg and started performing his first self-penned songs. Before starting his career in the European country music scene Wayne 1968 studied to become a nurse. After working in hospitals for a few years, he went back to school. In Luxembourg and Germany he got a bachelor in „Beaux Arts“ 1979 and made a master in Fashion Design in Paris1982. For some years Wayne worked in the fashion industry and got friendly with American Country Band playing at an American Bar in „Les Halles“ 1984. He joined the Band for a line of fun gigs and ever since he‘s been playing the international country music circle, recorded a line of fine albums and his songs are aired on countless country radio stations all over the world.

Journalist Daniel Neman from the Bryan-College Station Eagle-Texas wrote in his article Thursday, May 18.1984 „Buffalo Wayne thinks of himself as a pioneer of country music, one of the first to bring it to his native Luxembourg. Wayne is currently in this country, playing clubs from Los Angeles to Texas. He will be at Dr. G‘s Wednesday, splitting a show with Bryan-College Station favorite Lyle Lovett.“ Buffalo C. Wayne enjoys considerable success during his concert tours.
He‘s been headlining festivals in Iceland, Denmark, Switzerland, Benelux, Germany, France and Russia. In Ekaterinburg famous city in the Urals an unforgettable audience of 500.000 at once attended Buffalo C. Wayne‘s Open Air Concert in August 1992. The King of Country Mr.Roy Acuff couldn‘t believe he was listening to a Country singer from Luxembourg and invited Wayne on stage at the Grand Ole Opry 1988.
In 2007 Buffalo C. Wayne signed a publishing deal with Aristo Media‘s Goodland Music Group and so officially became a Nashville Songwriter.

In March 2015 the 2 hour film „RED LION WITH A COWBOY HAT“ about the Luxembourgers thrilling Ups and Downs as a Country Artist made its Première at Luxembourgs movie theaters and is now available on DVD.


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